Update 60: Preview-Release

This week, we’re giving you a preview of a big change that’s coming to our Service Cloud on September 1.

Attentive leadhub users may have seen it flash up as a favicon in the past few weeks – the mint green M. What’s it all about?

Now we reveal the secret
The mint green “M” stands for Markee, which will be leadhub’s new name from September. With its dynamism pointing upwards, it embodies the direction in which we continue to strive to provide online marketing solutions for you or your clients.

With the new name, the look of our Service Cloud is also changing. But don’t worry: other than the name, logo and color update, nothing changes for you. All content will remain in place and the usual range of functions will of course be retained. You will notice the biggest visual change when you log in for the first time on September 1. Then, instead of the light blue leadhub logo, you will be greeted by the mint green Markee logo. Speaking of logging in: You will reach your familiar user interface with the new design under the link my.mark.ee. But also the previous link my.lead-hub.de does not lose its validity, from there you will be redirected directly to the new page in the future. Via both links you can log in with your previous username and password.

New company in the background
We would like to mention another change at this point, although it does not directly affect you as a Markee user: Also as of September 1, Local Internet Advertising will no longer be in the background of the Service Cloud, but the new company Excelsea. The good news is that all your contacts will be taken over by Excelsea and will continue to work on their previous projects. So you can continue to contact your familiar contacts.