Update 59: Widget-Release

Widget open, it is called this week. The family of “gadgets” has grown in leadhub. Until now, it has been possible to create a code snippet in leadhub to display content from leadhub on an external website. Now we turn the tables: From now on you can also enter the code for an external widget in leadhub and then display it on a website created by leadhub.

Mini applications provide additional functions
If you have booked the license website for your sites, you will find the field “Custom script widget” in the product definition in the tile Settings from now on. Here you can enter the source code snippet of an external widget, i.e. a small external computer program. For example, a weather display, a clock or an appointment booking tool would be conceivable, which would then be displayed accordingly on your website. The exact display depends on the corresponding widget. Either it is integrated directly on the page, directly above the line with the pictures and videos. Or a button is faded in, with click on it a modal with the appropriate application opens. The construction kit for your website gains so much more possibilities for further functions.

Reminder: Website Widget Review
Last fall we already introduced in leadhub the function of website widgets, especially for reviews. Through it, leadhub can generate a JavaScript code that you can embed on any external webpage. All the latest reviews received on your social media posts will thus be displayed on the corresponding page. The embedded JavaScript code remains unchanged, even if you change the settings in leadhub for displaying the reviews, i.e. which numbers should be displayed and where on the website the display should appear.