Spring is feedback time at Excelsea

Our annual 360-degree review is coming up in the next few weeks. Each employee is asked to assess themselves, as well as their immediate colleagues and their team leader.

For these peer reviews, we use a standardised questionnaire structured around themes such as ‘Motivation and Commitment’, ‘Communication and Collaboration’ and ‘Skills and Knowledge’. Each employee is given the opportunity to complete the questionnaire for colleagues in his or her peer group. Together with their own self-assessment and feedback from their team leader, this creates a multi-dimensional picture that allows everyone to assess their own performance as objectively as possible and to work continuously on their own goals.

From our experience over the past few years, we know that this peer-to-peer feedback helps to drive the personal development of each individual employee, while also fostering teamwork. Peer reviews have therefore become an important part of our feedback culture and have a reserved time slot in our spring planning. Let’s move forward together! 🚀