SEA with Markee: Double the sales potential

Those who place their advertising campaigns on several platforms increase their reach and get more traffic for their money. It is therefore important to publish search campaigns on both Google and Bing. To ensure that your campaigns perform optimally on both search engines, we use the experience of our partner Matchcraft: with its intelligent optimisation technology, an algorithm calculates when which channel delivers the highest return for your campaign.

In a nutshell: the advantages of Bing Search Advertising

  • Larger audience thanks to Bing: Different demographics use different search platforms.
    Advertising on Google and Bing therefore covers more target groups and guarantees
    higher sales potential.
  • Lower costs on Bing: The costs per click are often lower on Bing than on Google, and at
    the same time there is less competition on Bing. If both search engines are activated, the
    bidding and budgeting algorithm can work more effectively.
  • Better visibility thanks to Bing: In the event that campaigns are suspended by Google or
    the Google account is undergoing a check, the advert is not visible on Google. In these
    cases, the second activated search engine ensures that the campaign remains visible.

Would you like to use it?
Define your campaign configuration with us. Determine whether it should be displayed on
Google, Bing or both platforms – the algorithm will take care of the rest. If you decide in favour of both platforms, it guarantees you the highest possible efficiency on both channels.