Experience, inspire, work – together

We have been looking forward to it for a long time and this week it finally happened again: For three days the same time zone and even the same place was valid for all Excelsea employees.

Happurg in the Franconian Switzerland was the meeting point for our team event this year. There we fully enjoyed seeing each other face to face and talking to each other without having to rely on calls.

This is what we achieved together:

We literally climbed beyond our limits. On the #Höhenglückssteig we were able to experience an incredible digital detox experience.

Thanks to the highly dedicated guidance of Kristiina Tukk from Nobel, we worked on focusing our shared values.

Through intense collaboration, we moved forward together on projects that we often don’t have time for in our normal work day.

Together, we have taken Excelsea’s team spirit to a new level. We take this mutual appreciation with us to our locations and home offices as the basis for our continued successful collaboration – even across distances.